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Hey you! You're finally here!



Relax. You've already taken the first step! The fun is just about to start!


I'm very happy that you've decided to look into the services I provide for all my clients! The first step is always gathering information, and when it comes to photographers, most people have 2 questions:


1. "How will I know if this is the right photographer for me (and my fiancé/e)?"


2. "How much do photography services even cost?"


Thankfully, the answers to both of these questions are fairly simple, and fortunately both are in your hands!

The answer to the first question you can find in your heart. I encourage all my potential clients to spend a few minutes and look at the portfolios of as many local photographers as they are willing to, and even a few outside of their own region. You might find that you enjoy the particular tastes of one over another, and some styles that will grow on you over time! Find a photographer whose creativity or imagery you could put in a frame and hang in your living room. Instinct plays a big role here and you should trust your feelings on this one.

The second can sometimes be a complicated issue because of how people perceive photography and just how much work is involved. Generally, for every hour of shooting, you can expect that we'll spend two to four hours at home working on post-production, culling photos, identifying favorites, arranging albums, etc. It can take weeks, and even months, of effort for an event's photos to be completed to the photographer's liking. Even more importantly, they want to be sure that you are getting the best they have to offer and will be completely satisfied with their final work. Just like every other artist you select for your event, whether it is the videographer, musicians, florist, baker, mixologist, stylist, and makeup artist, we want our work to put a big smile on your face when you finally see it!

I hope this helps you get started on your journey to finding the right people to work with, and if you've stuck with me this far, I'm sure I'll be hearing from you soon.